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klaroline au   //   film noir

She liked me. I could feel that. The way you feel when the cards are falling right for you, with a nice little pile of blue and yellow chips in the middle of the table. Only what I didn’t know then was that I wasn’t playing her. She was playing me, with a deck of marked cards and the stakes weren’t any blue and yellow chips. They were dynamite.

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  • Person: TO had low ratings.
  • TO Stans: It's because of PLL.
  • Person: Low ratings again.
  • TO Stans: Cause of Glee 100
  • Person: Series low rating.
  • TO Stans: Hiatus.
  • Person: Lower rating
  • TO Stans: Al Queda.
  • Person: Very Low.
  • TO Stans: Government.
  • Person: Cancellation
  • TO Stans: Aliens.
  • Person: Global Warming
  • TO Stans: Klaroline Fandom.


I will always reblog this. It’s fascinating and terrifying at the same time.

"It’s a pity."

"It’s a pity."



hunger games au: last year was child’s play

based on this post (x)

i would pay a billion dollars for this crossover


Stiles “Smooth Moves” Stilinski



On a scale of 1 to Neal Cassidy how unfair and useless was your death ?


Am I the only one?

(not my gifs)

Am I the only one?

(not my gifs)


tenxrose quotes + moments

Poster Edition Part One: New Earth & Tooth and Claw